Strengths And Weaknesses In Communication

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a) Communication: i. Describe your personal communication style. What are your communication strengths and weaknesses? Prior to starting my first year of Speech Pathology at the Brisbane campus of ACU, I felt that I often utilised excellent personal communication skills. However, after my first few weeks of lectures and tutorials, I feel that I am now very aware of how broad the definition of ‘good communication’ is and how my communication style may differ to that of others. I believed that my individual and personal communication style was clear, concise and simple. I also felt that I often utilised the domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking to enhance my communication with others. After reflecting upon my personal communication…show more content…
While on placement, I feel that my weaknesses in my communication skills may be challenged in the professional environment. I am aware that I often struggle to resolve conflict while in both a personal and professional environment due to the emotions that arise from conflict. I often feel nervous and anxious when faced with a confrontational environment. While on professional practice placement, I feel that this aspect of my communication may be challenged if there is an occurrence of broken communication between myself and my placement supervisor. To prepare and overcome my communication weaknesses on practice, I would like to build on my assertiveness and active listening skills by asking questions for clarity, to assist to effectively resolve any occurrences of conflict. I would also like to prepare my communication skills to adapt confidently to new and different situations. On the other hand, I do not feel that my strengths in communication will be challenged while on professional practice placement. I believe that while on placement, my simple and concise style of communication will benefit greatly to my observations while on placement. I also do not feel that my positive and friendly body language will be challenged while attending my

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