Strengths And Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of A Problem

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• Problem Solver:
I have a passion for finding solutions to problems and often dig much deeper than the average person to analyze the very depth of the issue. Afterwards, I thrive off of formulating a report to let the relevant persons know of my findings and also to propose possible solutions to the discovered problem. For instance, I once realized and individual was engaging in fraudulent acts merely by analyzing signatures. As I became suspicious, I decided to pull random samples of the individual’s submission. Since they all seemed to be forged, I confronted them and made them aware that I had no alternative but to report the issues. Afterwards, I received an award for excellent analytical skills, since we realized
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I am currently allocated to an office environment where there is high traffic and it can sometimes get really loud when persons begin to chat. This often annoys me; there was a time when I got so frustrated by the noise levels that I decided to take a walk from my desk.
• Openly speaks mind – The meaning of this is clear cut. They are some people though who rather you not say anything than tell them the truth. Sometimes I can offend these people and not feel guilty about it. Often, I need to stop and think whether something is so relevant that it needs to be addressed. If it is not a bother to any tasks I must complete, I no longer start a conversation about it.

• Training – I have had excellent opportunities to capitalize on free company training. So far I have completed National Vocational Qualifications in Business Communication and Customer Service. I was also privileged to attend Time, Stress and Conflict management workshops.

• Membership – I hope to soon become a member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Human Resources Management Association of Barbados. I also look forward to being a well-known, respected Rotarian. Being a member in these organizations opens up valuable networking which is necessary in today’s

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