Stratification in Medieval Scotland

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The movie Brave is a perfect example of stratification by gender. Near the beginning of the movie the princess Merida is basically begin forced to have suitors from other clans to complete for her hand in marriage. The conflict sparks between the princess and her mother, Queen Elinor when Merida participates in the contest for herself. The end result of this conflict when Merida competes leads to a few problematic situations. Due to the castes given to Merida at birth she struggles to voice to her mother her wishes to not marry at a young age. Along with the castes comes the estates for which seems to be the bases of the reason that Queen Elinor to marry so young. The conflict between the Queen and the princess started a long time beforehand of the Highland games. It began when King Fergus gave a young Merida a set of bow and arrows of her own to teach her how to defend herself despite how much Queen Elinor protested that Merida was to be raise to be a proper lady they were at a standstill in conflict of what to do with their daughter. Since that young age Merida was basically a tom-...

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