Stratification And Social Psychology Research

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Stratification is a term used to define the hierarchical arrangement of people living in the same society. This classification is based on different aspects among their wealth or financial status. Sociology has a long history of studying stratification in a move to explain what causes stratification in a society and discovering the various kinds of inequality witnessed in the societies. Inequality means that people have unequal access to the available scarce resources in the society. Some of these resources are economical, political, or social. Stratification economics is a very important section in the economic field since it helps in explaining the economic equality and inequalities in terms of how different economic groups are divided and stratified in terms of group status. In this paper, we are going to address some of the complicated phenomenon associated with inter-sectionality. People tend to order and rank their social identities in terms of the weights assigned to them by the interactive social identities. According to social psychology research, stigma in identity is reviewed in order to distinguish two different ways in which different individuals respond to other people’s stigmatization of their own social groups while interacting with the rest of the world. The way an individual responds to stigma is a clear reflection of the social group they belong to. The focus on stratification economics has become an important subfield in economics as a major. Analyzing the social inequality in a society is the most important concern when it comes to sociologists and economists who deal with equality in the society. For instance, inequality has existed and will continue to exist as long as possible in human societies. Even whe... ... middle of paper ... ...globally (Zwiech &Patrycja). The contributions of the credit markets to economic crisis raise serious concerns on how most of these markets operate and how they are managed. It is known that finances cannot operate on a vacuum and so financial crisis comes at a high cost with specific principles which have to be fulfilled. Human right based approaches have become a subject to criticism of social rights at specific economic and social markets. Financial institutions have a long way to go to ensure there is equality in money distribution and reduced cases of economic stratification in the country. Most people today rely on money to make their lives better and it is therefore noted that most of these moneys are not utilized as expected. For this reason, the rich continue to get richer while the poor continue to live in agony, hoping that someday things will be better.

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