Stratfordian Argument

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Thirty-eight plays have been written under the name “Shakespeare” (Jamieson). Many people believe that William Shakespeare of Stratford was the only person who wrote these plays, and others insist he had nothing to do with their success. The evidence, however, continuously points to the idea that both William Shakespeare of Stratford and Edward de Vere wrote plays and sonnets under the pen name “Shakespeare,” but he did have the capability to write some of these plays.
The most commonly referred-to person that people believe wrote the Shakespearean plays is Edward de Vere (De Vere). Although he could have written a few of these plays, the fact remains that he died almost 20 years before Shakespeare’s last plays were finished and published. Edward de Vere’s education was far superior to that of Shakespeare’s; for this reason, he was more than capable of writing the works contributed to Shakespeare before his death.
Most of the theories revolving de Vere claim that he did not know Shakespeare, or that William Shakespeare of Stratford never actually existed. Shakespeare and de Vere did know each other, however. William Shakespeare was a menber of the Chamberlain’s Men and de Vere was a member of the competing troupe, Oxford’s Boys. Not only did they perform plays in hopes of drawing more attention to their respective troupes, they each had part ownership of competing theaters. Shakespeare owned part of The Globe, and De Vere was a leaseholder of the Blackfriars Theatre (De Vere). They were competitors, and they were not supposed to like each other in the public’s eyes, which made the perfect cover up. They did know each other. They knew that they both were great writers, but the difference was that Shakespeare was legally able t...

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