Strategies for Developing Chinese Brand Competitiveness

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Strategies for Developing Chinese Brand Competitiveness

Since the entry to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001 Chinese companies have to fierce international competition and do their best to fit into the brand competition. The gap of knowledge between them and the Western companies is not fixable in a short time, but the efforts will definitely pay out.

This part of the report tends to give out some possible strategies to increase brand competitiveness.


What is a brand? A brand is a promise a company makes to its customers. It becomes an emotional relationship that builds customer loyalty. A brand includes a logo, colour, scheme, slogan design and more.

3.1. How to create a brand

The following part is to give you an overview of the steps how to create a strong brand and to resist the increasing competition.

3.1.1. What to sell?

First of all a company has to think about what they want to sell and why a consumer should choose their brand and especially their product. Why is that brand better than the one of the competition?

3.1.2. Quality product

To build up a strong brand it has to be a quality product. This is the condition to enter a market, but not enough to be the best.

3.1.3. Determine the brand’s disparity, place the brand on the market

The most important aspect of a brand is to know the difference to the competitors. Is the brand the best, the cheapest, the fastest etc in a category? If not, create a new category where it is the leader. It will keep that position for years. For example IKEA was not the first company that sold furniture, but the cheapest and now most famous; it is still the leader in this category. It is still going strong because they concentrate on this difference.

A company should not try to be the best in different categories, it will not work, and it will just become an average product.

3.1.4. Design

The brand name should be simple, visible, easy to remember and easy to read (pronounce). There has to be a logo. Write a slogan that stays in mind. The brand image has to be the same in all parts of communication.

3.1.5. Market the image

All marketing communications, the brand name, logo and advertising should describe the message of the brand. Use marketing strategies e.g. sponsorships, events, billboards, mailing, TV ads etc. Educate everyone on the staff about the brand and its message.

3.1.6. Keep the promise

Companies have to keep the promises they make to the market.