Strategies In Conflict Resolution

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There are several ways that we can aid in conflict resolution; however, to effectively resolve a conflict, we should various strategies that are appropriate for that particular conflict. This paper explores the strategies for managing different types of conflict, Group performance and satisfaction. My research will show that over time conflict-resolution tendencies will focus on the content of interpersonal interactions rather than delivery style, explicitly discussing reasons behind any agreements or decisions reached in accepting and distributing work assignments, and assigning work to employees who have that relevant task experience and expertise, rather than assigning duties based on convenience. Employees that are successful in conflict management are likely to be both proactive in anticipating the need for conflict resolution and developing solutions in a collaborative effort. Conflict management is an effort guide behaviors aimed at resolving conflicts which may occur between people or groups within an organization. In the business place, conflict is very common as employees have their own opinion about the way duties are performed and disseminated. Conflict management is further needed when a company has a large department of staff to manage. In every group it is certain that everyone probably has their own points of view and ways to resolve conflict, therefore, groups of employees will strive to prove to their management team that they have the a better solution based on their experience, ethnic background and personality. This type of conflict is called the personal conflict. Manager should be able to resolve conflicts with the cooperation of their employees by analyzing the cause of the problem and by listening to ... ... middle of paper ... ...ough if there is no attempt to resolve the issue. Also taking the time to evaluate all the information provided is necessary so that you can avoid making the wrong decisions that can further alienate the employees involved. Focus on the issue, not the individual. Try to avoid your own pre-conceived notions about the employee. It is important to establish guidelines before conducting a kind of formal meeting between employees, and have both employees agree the guidelines. Also have them agree hear out the other person and try to see things from their perspective. The goal of any manager is to facilitate the discussion and pinpoint the issues causing the conflict so that both employees can resolve the issue between themselves. Do not leave the issue unresolved and in limbo as taking too long to make a decision can have a reverse effect and damage your credibility.