Strategies And Complications Of Strategic Management

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Strategic management is regarded as an important process for businesses (Bowman and Asch, 1987; Kumar, 2010; Thomson and Strickland, 2003; Viljoan and Dann, 2003). The growing environment where these organization or company compete somehow will determine whether the company standstill or gone. Thus, most companies are trying to improve their performance to survive and expand. management' class='brand-secondary'>Strategic management process is important for a firm’s success because it enables a firm to develop a future direction, provides the ways to achieve its mission, and ultimately leads to value creation (Porth, 2003). A review of literature by Powell (1992) also indicates that firms who adopt strategic management generally improve their performance.
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In real world experiences indicates that strategy implementation is not always simple and straightforward. Those perceptions had driven the companies to thoroughly preparing and completing the concept activities in the first place, therefore the primary objectives to thorough plan for the implementation strategy are forgotten. Strategic implementation is critical to a company 's success, addressing the who, where, when, and how of reaching the desired goals and objectives. Thus lead the business strategy continuously imbalance between the formulation and its…show more content…
The factors are ; (6) leadership are not adequate enough to run the strategy, (7) The capabilities of the employee are not sufficient for the strategy implementations, and last (8) the information system used to monitoring the implementation were not adequate. As been mention by Beer and Einstat, “. . . six silent killers of strategy implementation . . . ” These comprise: a top-down/laissez-faire senior management style; unclear strategic intentions and conflicting priorities; an ineffective senior management team; poor vertical communication; weak coordination across functions, businesses or borders; and inadequate down-the-line leadership skills development (Beer and Eisenstat,

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