Strategic Thinking Case Study

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Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving in the Workplace Benefits of Strategic Thinking What It Is Strategic thinking is a strategy that most, if not all, people should familiarize themselves with. This skill involves the ability to view, analyze, and conceptualize situations (beyond immediate goals) with the objective creating a better future for themselves and others (Ebersole 1). Strategic thinkers work diligently to maximize their potential and opportunities in all aspects. People with this ability are considered problem solvers. In a broader concept, strategic thinking can promote better decision-making. Additionally, this skill can help ensure that organizations are working at their optimal level. Many companies and corporations today are looking for people to be strategic and analytical thinkers. This is a necessary tool to further advance companies and organizations. In addition, it offers a more competitive advantage in the work place. Who Should Use It…show more content…
It offers a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment, especially within the workplace. Strategic thinking is a skill that can be modified or refined by simply changing certain habits. Additionally, this skill will improve the more someone practices using the various approaches for strategic thinking. According to the Harvard Business Review, the ability to think and lead strategically was twice as important as just communication. In their studies, strategic thinkers proved to be among the most highly powerful leaders, frequently tackling new ways to solve problems, planning for the future, and making crucial decisions. Strategic thinking not only helps life within the business realm, it helps personal life as well. People who can think strategically are at an advantage because they can predict future outcomes and improve their own everyday
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