Strategic Planning: Multiple Management Tactics Used To An Action Plan

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Strategic Planning: Action Plan
The strategic goal is to achieve the optimum patient safety by decreasing the patient load to the accepted state standards retaining well-trained, experienced and satisfied staff through offering competitive pay and benefits within a period of two years. To achieve this goal, it requires the use of multiple management tactics. Some of the tactics include the management by objectives (MBO), management by means (MBM), etc.
Management Tactics and Strategies
Management by Objectives (MBO), is one of the methods used. By using this method, the employees, different departments and the stakeholders will get a clear idea about the specific goals of the management. The use of management by means (MBM) approach, will ensure the right activities of the management in the goal achievement by focusing the people. It stresses on the significance of the means
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To provide safe patient care and promote health education, it is necessary to have the well-trained staff. Medical research helps contribute to the invention of new treatment modalities that could promote the patient safety and reduce employee workload. In case there is resistance while implementing the action plan from any of the stakeholders like the hospital management, shareholders or other payers, it will necessitate the use of an appropriate tactic. The tactics that can be effectively used to manage the implementation of the action plan across the business functions are communication, education, participation and negotiation (Daft, 2014, pp. 369-370). Communication and proper education help remove many misunderstandings. By encouraging participation, people get a clear idea about the objectives and need of the action plan. Negotiation helps to arrive at an agreeable solution. All these tactics enable to increase cross-functionality and ensure the success of the

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