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A strategic planning is a backbone for support the process strategic management. It is also main process in handling the strategic management. Various definition about strategy but generally involves setting the goals and others. Any organization must look at to strategy planning for achieve their vision, mission, values and core strategy. In today, an organization must face many challenges for success in their goals and objectives. They must think carefully for making decision if they want high effectively in the organization. The strategic planner always thinks outside the box for make their organization become success. This strategic planning process affected the effectiveness of organizational. Thompson and Strickland (1989) add that galvanizing…show more content…
Whether you are coaching the sport team or running some business, you still need a strategic planning. Strategic plan will helps organizational manager to accomplish the objectives. Strategic of planning is a process of defining their direction for making decisions in the organization. Various definition about strategy but generally involves setting the goals, determine an act to achieve the objectives and so on. A strategic planning is the part of process strategic management that focus on formulation stage of the strategy as process clarify mission and vision, goals and objectives and develop long term strategy for run the organization or business. There also have many frameworks for strategic planning such as an assessment of strategy, formulation of strategy, execution of strategy and an evaluation of…show more content…
In the strategic of planning have various steps that affected the effectiveness of firm or organization. If wrong way in formulation strategic planning the firm performance become decrease. A strategic plan will helps to manage our organization. It will help to keep an organization on track and focused on the future. The strategic plan as a shield that covering all the aspects. The strategic plan also an important role in every organization setting. A strategic plan is a document that used to communicate the organization objectives, action needed to accomplish the goals and other critical element during the planning exercise. The simple strategic plan that have just six core elements such as vision, mission, core values, strategic areas of focus, strategic goals and an action plan. The distinct strategic objectives should be aligned with the strategic

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