Strategic Planning And It Management

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Strategic planning is the process of determining a company's long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals (Wikipedia). This process aligns strategic planning with overall organization planning by assessing organizational objectives and strategies, setting the organizational mission and mandate, assessing the external environment and setting policies, objectives and strategies (Wikipedia). A study completed in 1999 revealed that less than 40% of US businesses included IT senior management in the strategic planning process. This first part of this paper will explore the reasons why organizations would be unwilling to include IT management in this process. It will also present reasons why IT management should be included in the strategic planning process. The second part of this paper will investigate who should have the role of justifying the capital outlay for large systems funding – business or IT management.

To Include or Exclude IT Management, That is the Question

Many organizations today experience a crisis of confidence in their information systems functions and in the IT managers who lead them. IT project failures, unrelenting hype surrounding IT, and rising costs of implementing IT systems have polarized the perception of how IT can deliver value to the organization as a whole. This is likely the main reason why IT has been excluded from the strategic planning process in a number of organizations. Earl and Feeny (1994, p. 11) write that IT's ability to add value is the biggest factor in determining whether the organiza...

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...either process, it will most certainly fail in achieving its strategic business goals and objectives.



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