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Strategic Plan Development Paper

The Baderman Island is a man made island surrounded by the Kelsey River. It was originally the home of the Baderman estate and partially connected to the town of Kelsey. It became an island when the water was redirected in 2005 to manage the water flow. Today the island is home to an all-inclusive resort designed to meet the needs or a variety of different travelers. The resort boasts three different hotel options, each designed for a different type of guest traveler; from business traveler, to family retreat, to a couple desiring a romantic get-away. In addition, it has a variety of restaurants and tourist attractions to delight their guest, or even day visitors. Even transportation to the island and around the island has been addressed. There is a ferry to get guests to and from the island; once on the island a guest has the option of walking, taking a trolley, or using a golf cart to get around and take advantage of the many amenities available.

The island’s web-site does not provide any indication of whether they have a mission statement, which is an important tool to identify where they want to be and how they want to get there. However, based upon the information contained on their web-site some presumption may be made about the company’s mission. It is clear that the appealing to a variety of travelers is of importance to the company, there offer a variety of accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment options to market themselves to a variety of audiences. In addition, the quantity of amenities and entertainment options reflect the company’s desire to be a destination in which there is enough variety that the guest does not feel they have to leave the island to fulfill any of their vacation needs. The resort is still in a state of expansion, thus the company is attempting to expand their customer base.

While the lack of a mission statement does not indicate the company has no vision, it does make it more difficult for the staff to ensure they understand they are performing on the right track to help the company option their mission. If an employee understands the company’s mission they can feel more included and like they are a part of helping the company to obtain their mission.

Baderman Island does have the capability to implement Total Quality Management (TQM) into the strategic plan for the organization.
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