Strategic Marketing in Tourism

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Proposed Research Topic: Strategic Marketing in Tourism


Potential in tourism sector has continued to flourish over time. The growth of the industry has seen both the public and private sectors invest heavily on tourism facilities and guiding materials. The tourist offer of these destinations involves international community and is the result of interaction among public and private sectors who act autonomously (Ruggero). These two sectors have different roles, competences and capabilities enabling them to manage the tourism industry. Interest in tourism management sprouts from the challenges in tourist systems that facilitate coordination linked to the market. To manage the tourism industry, it is important to understand the relationship between the public and private sectors. Therefore, the industry is highly influenced by government bodies that control and regulate tourist destinations. In this paper, I will explore existing tourism marketing strategies in international tourist destinations. I will also seek to identify active and dormant parties for development of international tourism and analyze how their capabilities affect how they value rules and their control influence in the industry.

Significance of the research

The research will identify possible ways of investing in tourism, including the roles played at certain levels in the industry. This will probably boost the way individuals perceive tourism environment (Ruggero, page 4). I will conduct my research in a team that is involved in local and international marketing agencies. Among them, I will consult Acro Global Marketing Agency, International Tourism Consulting Group and Tourism Marketing International Agencies. The agencies will secure a two hours cross-ex...

... middle of paper ...

... fieldwork by: 15 October

Complete analysis by: 23 October

Give presentation on: 1 November

Complete final report by: 10 November


There may be limitations in information acquired from online agencies, as this will seem to appear as a source of competition. Tour firms may also not be willing to give out all details that they engage in their touring operations. There may also arise some financial constraints to execute thorough research. However, mechanisms will be put in place to overcome such and execute a comprehensive research.

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