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The first part to strategic management planning is to provide an introduction about the organization, background information pertaining to the organization, as well as an organizational profile. It should tell who the organization is, what the organization does, and where they want the organization to go in the future.
The second step in the process would to ensure the organization has a clear and concise vision and mission statement.
The Vision Statement should outline what the organization wants to be and how it wants the environment in which the organization operates to be. For employees it should give direction on the organizations expectations and should inspire them to give their best to the organization. For consumers it should give an understanding on why they should work with the organization (Tools).
A mission statement is “a set of organizational goals that include both the purpose of the organization, its scope of operations and the basis of its competitive advantage (Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, & McNamara, 2014).” The mission statement should concentrate on the present. It will define critical processes within the organization, while defining the company’s purpose and objectives. The primary audience should be stakeholders (consumer, employees, suppliers and owners) as well as leadership. Overall it should state the fundamental purpose of the organization.
Once the organization knows who they are as a company and what direction they seem themselves going, they should start to assess their situation. The organization can do this thru the review of past performance, balanced score card evaluation and SWOT analysis.
Organizations should review both positive and negative past performance. Review of past performance can...

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...esults, and criteria for successful achievement (Berkeley, 2006).” The objectives should be stated in a way in which the organization describes what they will do to achieve their strategies’ and goals.

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