Strategic Management Statement Of Nike

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Nike is an American multinational company that designs and manufactures footwear. The company also caters apparel, accessories, and equipment of sports. The objective of the footwear company is to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete. The company delivers innovative products in order to exceed customers' expectations. Nike creates leaders and inspires athletes to achieve their vision and goals. The firm prefers a culture of the invention at the workplace and encourages employees for achieving something unique and bigger. Nike has a global procurement team that manages the whole process of Nike including selection and making a contract with the right supplier for a long-term basis. The company is ambitious to provide innovative
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The company wants all athletes to inspiring and innovating Nike’s products. The mission statement of a firm shows its reason for existence and identifies the operations.
Strategic Management Plan
Strategic management refers to the management of company’s resources for achieving its objectives and goals. It is the preparation and application of the major goals and initiatives that are taken by the top management of the company on behalf of CEO. It includes assessment and evaluation of resources before making a final decision. It involves setting goals, analysis of competitive environment, assessing strategies, and ensures their alignment with company's goals. In Nike, the strategic management is strong and the company uses all resources so that it can achieve its goals effectively.
The strategic management plan of the company contains the use of internal resources in an effective and efficient manner. The culture and structure of the company promote skills and competencies of employees. The top management of Nike is accountable for making decisions and strategies in the company.
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The main aim of the firm is to produce quality and comfortable products for all types of game players. The company spends a huge amount of its research & development department and manufactures shoes by using the latest technology. When it comes to shoe comfort is a significant factor which can't be compromised. Nike is a major manufacturer of sports shoes and sports equipment and people prefer to buy Nike products due to the high-quality products. The company has started making an alliance with different technology firms. For instance, it has started a project with Apple for creating Nike+ products which will be able to monitor athlete performance. The main focus of the company is to sell outdoor
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