Strategic Management Plan

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Strategic Management Plan

Strategic management is an essential task for a company as massive as PPQ Parts Company. PPQ Parts is a manufacturing company based in US which deals with production of agricultural products for safeguarding animals from the spread of diseases and plants from pests and weeds. The company plays a vital role in strengthening the U.S agricultural marketability domestically and internationally. As a result, it contributes to the preservation and conservation of the global environment. The company needs spread its business activities in order to create a compelling image for its products and improve its performance. Following this the company requires to come up with a strategic management plan for helping it reach its goal.

The plan forms abroad analysis by the PPQ’s management team with an aim of changing emerging trends and patterns in the agricultural industry in U.S also an extension internationally. The strategic plans to target the expansion of the number of its employees from the current 5000 to 10,000, improvement of the company’s corporate values by raising the charity level of the total profit, increasing its average profit margin, enhancing its market share and raising its stock price in the coming four years. Plans to make the expansion of its operations outside U.S call the management of the company to address issues by the host country. The factors affecting the country’s economic and political stability (Negandh & Savara, 1989).

In, addition, the plan should take care of the country’s rate of utilization and absorption of technologies both external and internal factors. Internal factors include infrastructure, growth rate, the level of ...

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