Strategic Management: Barriers To Strategic Human Resource Management

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Barriers to Strategic Human Resources
Strategic Human Resources is a management approach that assist in accomplishing a organizations long term goal by putting strategies into place that helps build a culture and strong foundation that will assist the organization to adapt and sustain through changes within the economy (Schuler and Jackson1987). There are several that prevent organizations from taking a more strategic approach to Human Resources. The barriers are short term mentality and focus on current performance, inability of Human Resources to think strategically, lack of appreciation of General Manager’s role as a Human Resource Manager, difficulty in quantifying many Human Resource outcomes, as perception of human assets higher-risk
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When top management fail to reward Strategic Resource Managers for their efforts it causes a decrease in morale (Huselid, Jackson and Schuler 1997). Strategic Human Resource Managers have complex responsibilities such as making sure the organization remain compliant with laws and regulations and overseeing employee relations throughout the organization. Based on Mello, many managers see Human Resources as a hindrance. The Human Resource Manager’s role in Strategic Human Resources is to assume more responsibility for day to day operations within the organization and provide support for employee…show more content…
Changes such as how employees are hired into the organization, training and development, performance evaluation, and employee relations are all factors that affect an organization (Mello 2015). This can be an barrier for organizations who fail to look at unsuccessful endeavors as learning experience and enforce consequences for failure. Based on Mello, people are creatures of habit and are resistant to change. This can cause strategies to fail.
The reason organizations experience these barriers when implementing Strategic Human Resource Strategies is due to the culture of the organization and the employees’ resistance to change. Strategic Human Resource Management can be successful if organizations invest more in their employees, recognized employees for their efforts, change their mindset set towards providing non quantitative incentives, consider long term outcomes verses short term outcomes and provide their Human Resource Departments more
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