Strategic Management And Leadership Case Study

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1.1: Explain the link between strategic management and leadership.

To elucidate the connection among strategic management and leadership a strong understanding of anything these two rapports really mean is necessary. The link between these two terms are explained bellow:-
According to Barratt and Mottershead (2000) tactic is labelled as the way of attaining organisational aims. Tactic is not about ideas solitary.
Strategic Management is the procedure of founding and upholding good tactics. Constructing and defining strategy is not sufficient, Virtuous strategic management iplays a vital part in impending organisational prospects and contests. Management deals with the managing individual according to a set plans and course of action
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In the case of management, managers bash their best to attain certain long span goals and the similar is the case with leadership. In both cases would have somebody with a comprehensive vision; whichever it’s a leader or a manager. The bottommost line of all this argument is attractively given by Field Marshal Slim “Leadership is of the essence, compounded of disposition and vision: its repetition is an art. Management is more a matter of precise control, of statistics, , schedule: its exercise is a science.

1.2: Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions.

There is well-known proverb that, Alteration is the only unalterable thing in environment (Heller and Hindle, 2008). The managers and leaders embrace diverse panaches for distinctive situation. Some of the common styles are:-

Autocratic: in this styles leaders or manager says that to do to their subordinates. The views of the sub ordinates are ignored and not important.
Democratic: this is very commonly used in country politics where the decisions are takes after discussion with relevant stakeholders and others views are considered while taking any decisions. Passive: individuals are provided common instructions on the responsibilities to be undertaken and then left unaccompanied to attain them according to their
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