Strategic Family Therapy Theory

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Strategic family therapy
By and large, the most frequently used forms of family therapy and methods are used specifically among family members. These methods are practical, systemic, intergenerational, and well-planned. The goal of the strategic family therapy is to help the family change the way they function through observation (Haley, 2010) then crate a unique action plan approach to help deal with it. The strategic family therapy method is “not a particular approach or theory, but the name of the types of therapy where the therapist takes responsibility for directly influencing people” (para 1). The strategic family therapy approach is based off Milton Erikson ideas. Milton believed that individual increase their own understanding
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After that, the counselor must identify the situation of the problem and the way the family perceives the problem, for example, are the children more concerned about the family issues than the parents (Horne, 2000). Structural family therapy is both relational and observational approaches, this approach works with the family systematically. And, through the structural family therapy approach, family members are a whole system, which is largely affected by other family member as well as the environment in which they live. With this, the therapy emphasis restructuralization of the family normal destructive habits and help them improve their ability to handle every day stress and disagreement and try to help them transform…show more content…
Briefly, the strategic family treatment approach has many treatment methods such as helping families solve any unresolved problem, set achievable goals, set up interventions, observe the results and the responses, mutually (Colorado Technical University, 2017). The strategic family therapy approach is also used to by integrating 2 key therapeutic concepts such as strategic therapy and family therapy, both therapies approaches help to effectively bring about or improve a family precise problem area. Strategic family therapy is a “get to the point/problem” approach. It used to find problem areas and fix them. This method does not focus on who, what, when or how the problem came about, instead it focus more on how problems can be resolved
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