Strategic Family Therapy Model

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Strategic family therapy model was developed in the 1950s. The theory comes from Gregory Bateson and the Palo Alto Group with other influences. Strategic family therapy seeks to identify the issues within the family that are causing the current problems. Once the issues are identified, then the therapist can work with the family to change the behaviors so that the issues or problems decrease and untimely stop. Strategic family therapy is short term treatment which uses reframing, redefining, pretend, paradoxical intervention and positioning. “Strategic family therapy is a brief form of therapy characterized by the clinician’s specific focus on changing the family behavior associated with the identified problem” (Gardner, 2006). This draws…show more content…
The therapist needs to create a calm and open environment and attempt to get all members of the family members to participate in the session because according to Michael Rohrbaugh, “Systemic therapists, like Bowen, attach importance to broad multi-generational patterns, but the other approaches do not” (Rohrbaugh, 1982). This why it is critical for the therapist to get the whole family to participate and open up so that the therapist can look at the multi-generational patterns and takes those into account. This can be easier said than done if there are reluctant family members. As with all therapy the family has to want to change including all family members. The initial session allows the therapist to sit back and watch how the family interacts with one another. The therapist can watch for any outward dysfunctional behaviors that are present in the session prior to even asking what the problem is. During the initial session the therapist will pose questions to clients to determine what their problem is and also ask what brought them to therapy. A useful question from our text book is asking the clients “If we had a videotape of this, what would it look like?” (Nicholas, 2013). This I feel is an important question because it gives the family time sit back and think about how each one of them plays a role in the problem. The therapist can see how the family interacts when the questions…show more content…
The use of homework can help the family change their harmful dynamic so they learn to function healthy, and can reach their goals that they set out in the beginning of therapy. Changing the families’ behaviors towards the issues is how change is brought about. Focusing on defining the behavior and how the members interact allow therapist to help the family and start to build the therapeutic bond. Starting with small changes can help the family trust the therapist so that they become flexible. Using homework will also help the family start to change their behavior which can lead to more flexibility with the family. The therapist can then use paradoxical intervention which can cause a change in the family. The therapist uses the first session to gain the trust and understanding with the family so that will listen and work with the therapist. Strategic family therapy seeks to change the family dynamic on multiple levels that may contradict one
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