Strategic Bomb Attacks Of Dresden

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The city of Dresden in Germany, Saxony was attacked in the last few months of World War II by the United States and Great Britain. It was led by the British Royal Air Force otherwise known as RAF and American USAAF or American Army Air Forces troops, in a air raid on the dates of February 13 - 15 of 1945. Over 1500 British and American air soldiers were used for this raid. These raids killed around 35,000 to 135,000 people. The reason for such a large number difference is due to refugees passing through to get away from the Red Army (otherwise known as the Soviet Army) that was on the way. The second wave began due to firefighters scrambling around to stop the fires. Once the firefighters were bombed there was nobody who could save Dresden. Many debates have been made over this event because of the high amount of explosive bombs and incendiary devices used for destruction of both the city and the high causality rate.
The strategic bomb attacks made on Dresden, Germany was a devastation to the civilization and culture of the Germans. Author and philosopher, A.C. Grayling has approached this subject matter in terms of morals. He made the claim that these bombings were immoral, and the bombers committed wrong also. Grayling went so far as to indict both Britain and the United States for committing immoral crimes in this bombing campaign during World War II. The reasons stated by Graying for the immorality of these bombings is the fact that they took place close to the end of the war, large amounts of civilians were killed, the way in which the deaths occurred, and because of the cultural significance of this city. He also specifies the reasons why it is important to see these atrocities as wrong. He believes the allies ...

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...ople, culture the Germans and the vulnerable refugees.
It seems that the author A.C. Grayling has approached this subject matter in terms of morals and the Just War principle and his claim that these bombings were immoral according to jus in bello are true, although the bombers were made to believe they were bombing this area for just cause rather than citizens being used as targets. It does not seem like Grayling should be the judge of the men who thought they were doing something for the right reasons when they were not, though unknowingly. There is no justification in what was done to Dresden due to using civilians as targets. It may not be accepted by everyone that the allies committed war crimes, but it should be obvious the campaigns were too indiscriminate and lasted longer than was necessary.

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