Strategic Audit on T-Mobile

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Strategic Audit on T-Mobile Contents Company Profile 3 Vision and Mission Statement and Company Objectives 3 Competitive Strategy of T-Mobile 4 Business Model Used by T-mobile 4 Company’s Ethics and Social Responsibility 5 Porter’s Five Forces Model 5 Driving Forces 6 Industry Rivals Positioned 6 Key Factors for Being a Success in the Market 6 References 8 Company Profile T-Mobile US, Inc., which was earlier MetroPCS Communications, Inc., became corporate on March 10, 2004. T-Mobile is a carrier of wireless communication, and it also provides services with wireless broadband mobile mainly in the metropolitan areas of US which includes Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, New York, Orlando/Jacksonville, Boston, Sacramento, and Tampa/Sarasota. T-Mobile and MetroPCS are its flagship products. By the end of 2012 T-Mobile had the license for wireless broadband spectrum covering a total population of 144 million and covered most of the metropolitan areas in US. It gives its services using CDMA technique using the latest technology of 4G LTE. On 26th March 2013, T-Mobile came up with the Un-carrier value proposition by introducing a simple concept of easy choice service and provided the customers with low price for all the popular devices in US. From April, the company started selling iPhone at all the stores owned by the company along with the easy choice plan. The SIC code for the company is 481207 for cellular telephone services, while the NAICS code is 517210 which is related to the wireless telecommunication except the satellite. The company by the end of first quarter of 2013 had around 34 million customers, with a total increase of 579,000 customer... ... middle of paper ... ...vide the customers with cheap products and services for the customers. • Customer satisfaction-T-Mobile comes up with new products at cheaper rates to fulfill the customer needs and wishes. References 1. Porter, M., (2008). Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. New York. Simon and Schuster. Print. 2. T-Mobile, (2009). T-Mobile Macedonia AD Skopje Financial Statements. Retrieved From: 3. T-Mobile, (2014). Vision. Retrieved From: . 4. Ahlstrom, D., & Bruton, G., (2009). International Management: Strategy and Culture in the Emerging World. Mason. Cengage Learning. Print. 5. Henry, A., (2011). Understanding Strategic Management. London, Oxford University Press. Print.

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