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Main - The name of the character is Marcus Ryder. Marcus’ voice was very deep, it had a magical tone to it and he sounded very well educated. He was 5’11, barrel-chested, brawny and bullnecked. His face looked seamed, and weather-beaten which always made him look very serious. Marcus was an African American raised in a little shack located in the slummiest part of Detroit, Michigan. He was born in 1949, and was brought up the youngest of 11 siblings, all boys. His brothers were all either drug dealers or pimps. Marcus never had anybody to emulate, or look up to as a role model. Marcus never felt complacent with his family’s standard of living. Marcus along and his siblings were always attacked and beaten by gangs looking for trouble. Marcus wanted Detroit to change and thought about the unique ways in which he can make this a reality. He decided to become a super hero, to protect his family. He made himself know as “Snowflake”, he would possess the power of cold and ice. He carried a powerful wand that was able to freeze anything with a single touch. He felt that through this he can destroy anyone who was making trouble. The major factor that caused Marcus to be desperate for change, was when he was 12 years old traveling on a bus to Chicago,a leading gang member got on the bus and opened fire with an automatic weapon and killed his Mama. After this incident, Marcus swore that he will make sure that there would no longer be crime or murders in Detroit. Marcus’ objective in life was to become a superhero, and make Detroit safe for everyone. Marcus envisioned a society in Detroit where people can walk freely without any fear of getting murdered by angry gang members.

Secondary - Marcus’s mama, known in the story as Mam...

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... Malcolm finally captures the gang. He lightly freezes them and kidnaps them.
Interrogation: Malcolm takes the gang to an alley and interrogates them. He finds the murderer.
Decision: After finding the man who murdered his Mama, Malcolm is stuck in a dilemma. He doesn't know how to kill the man, should he do it publicly or privately. (many thoughts go through the hero’s mind when deciding this)
Goal Accomplished: Malcolm kills the murderer and hos satisfied with the outcome, he feels complacent over the fact that he broke the gang (or did he?)
The Road Back: The hero begins his journey back to his ordinary life. Malcolm is on his way home to tell his Papa, and family of the news. Malcolm feels that his father may now respect him and let him return to the house.
The End of the Story: Malcolm, returning to his home to tell his family the news, gets shot and dies.
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