Story Of An Hour Critical Analysis

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Mrs. Mallard 's Change Of Thought

In the short story “The Story Of An Hour” by Kate Chopin Mrs.Mallard has been brought with the news of the death of her husband, and is now alone. Mrs. Mallard is naturally shocked at the situation and begins crying into her sister 's arms. Mrs.Mallard goes to a room to be alone, but after some time she slowly realizes that the death of her husband is actually a blessing rather than a curse. Mrs.Mallard is seen changing from a depressed widow, to a women that is ready to embrace her newfound independence.

Mrs.Mallard is now depressed, and alone after hearing the news of the death of her husband. A quote from the story “She did not hear the story as many women have heard
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Mrs.Mallard reveals that she does love her husband, but the the independence that she is now going to get is what is driving into a surge of sudden happiness and motivation. Ironically, Mrs.Mallard was not allowed to enjoy her new found independence in the end.

In the short story “The Story Of An Hour”by Kate Chopin, Mrs.Mallard hears about the death of her husband from her sister Josephine. Mrs.Mallard cries in her sister 's arms from the sudden shock, and the fear of being alone. After Mrs.Mallard went to a room to be alone she began to realize that because of her husband 's death she is now independent. She begins revealing her inner thoughts, and she started seeing through the bitter procession of years that she will be alone and began to embrace them. The short story “The Story Of an Hour” by Kate chopin does well to show how Mrs.Mrs Mallard went from a weeping widow, to a woman who is not afraid to embrace her
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