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Silence reigned throughout the encampment; only broken by the distant chirping of cicadas in the tree tops. The remaining ponies stood around, crying tears of grief and disbelief. Why had this happened to them? Their camp was so far out... they never imagined the trotters would get them out here, never mind attack them when they had their guards down. Though there were not many deaths, their group was small and close... every death was like a stab to the heart.

The remaining survivors of Ponyville just stood around crying, and comforting those who had lost someone close... but this time it was different for everypony. For not only had they lost some good ponies, they had lost a young filly... Sweetie Belle, she was such a young, sweet pony of only ten years of age... and those monsters took her life away from her. Yes everypony was absolutely devastated by the death of the young filly, but the one who was truly stricken by it was none other than her elder sister... Rarity.

Rarity had already lost her close family to the trotters, her own mother's throat was torn in front of her very eyes. Equestria was not suited for this kind of horror, it was always a land of peace and harmony; if you were to ask a random pony on what they thought about war, they most likely wouldn't of understood what you were talking about... yet, something much worse tore through the Equestrian plains.

A plague like no other seen before, not even horror stories could come close to the sickness which has befallen the ponies of Equestria. But it came out of the blue, not so much as a warning had occurred when it all began. Just through the night ponies became bitten, and the disease spread like wildfire. Not even the Princesses were safe from this nightmare,...

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The four hugged each other tightly while tears were shed from them all, surprisingly Fluttershy was the first to speak up, “I… I think we should go check on R-Rarity, we need to see how she is…” everypony nodded in agreement.


Rainbow Dash’s ears fell, “Oh no…” she whispered and hopped into the air as fast as her wings would take her, “Rarity… she wouldn’t…” she saw the scene before her as reached to where Rarity had been, a defeated cry of grief came out of her mouth as her eyes flowed strongly with tears…

Rarity lay motionless by her sister, the gun laying on the ground nearby. She had really done it.

The other made their ways around the corner, they already were sobbing as they had figured what had happened by Rainbows sobs, they all huddled together and cried as they mourned the death of yet another great friend.

“Sleep well… Rarity.”
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