Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

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Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

The book, Stormbreaker, by Anthony Horowitz is about a boy named Alex, whose uncle had just died in a car crash (or so they say). He finds out that his uncle was really shot by a man named Yassen Gregorovich. Alex’s uncle, Ian Rider, really worked for MI6. He was a spy that was hired by MI6 to figure out the secret behind Herod Sayle and his Stormbreaker computers that he was donating to every school in England. Ian Rider had figured out the secret, but before he could reveal it to MI6, he was shot and killed. Alex’s uncle was the only family he had left, and so it deeply affected him. MI6 decided that they were going to give Alex either the choice of becoming a spy and taking the mission his uncle had, or going to an institution. Alex chose to become a spy. He flies over to Herod Sayle’s house, and after some very daring explorations, he finally finds out Herod Sayle’s dark secret, and tries to set out to stop him without getting killed.

After reading this book, I was really amazed at how good the author described Alex Rider and how realistic he made him sound. I was baffled at how brave Alex was to accept the dangerous mission (p. 55) and become a spy. If I were Alex, I would have rather gone to the institution instead. I wouldn’t have been valiant enough to pursue the mission than an adult has died from elucidating. Later on in the book, I was annoyed when Nadia Vole, one of Herod Sayle’s employees, tricked Alex into thinking she w...

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