Storage: The Future Of Solar Energy And The Future

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abundant source of energy. No form of energy can match the energy of the sun. The earth receives about 174 petawatts (1015 watts) of incoming radiation from the sun in the atmosphere. From this, about 30% is reflected back to the space while the rest is absorbed by the earth. [1] According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the amount of energy that the earth receives per hour is enough to meet its requirement for an entire year. [2] The role of solar energy to meet the growing energy requirement of today’s world is immense. As of now, the world is heavily dependent on conventional sources like coal, oil and natural gas for its energy needs. But one needs to know that these are exhaustible sources. This means that in future, their supply will not be able to keep up pace with the growing demand. Secondly, as they start depleting, their cost of production will increase, making them unaffordable. Lastly, it is combustion of these fuels that is mainly responsible for the global warming that we are…show more content…
Where to store the energy that’s generated in a solar cell? Storage is a major obstruction to the widespread use of solar energy. When sunlight is plentiful, it must be captured for later use, like at night or on a cloudy day. Many solutions for storage like batteries have been developed, but they face many production problems. A new technology that is coming up these days is the use of Hydrogen cells to store energy. In a hydrogen cell, sunlight is used to power the electrolysis of water, which generates hydrogen as a fuel, which in turn powers fuel cells. This generates power with no pollution as hydrogen and oxygen combine again to form water. The problem associated with this technology though is the splitting of water in an efficient manner. Even with the use of catalysts, this process is quite slow. Development of newer catalysts would dramatically enhance the attractiveness of a solar energy storage and increase its

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