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Children misbehaving has always been a big issue in parenting. Parents often have to use physical treatment to punish their children. The article “Spanking on Trial” considers whether or not parents should spank their children. This contentious issue has been the source of multitudinous debates over the last several centuries. In the article, a father named Peterson got arrested because he was trying to spank his daughter. Peterson’s lawyer indicates that Peterson was spanking his daughter for good, but psychiatrist Elliott Barker points out that parents should not use physical punishment because parents are the closest and the most related people to the children. Physical punishment can cause children to lose their trust in parents, and also it can causes family violence for next generations because children are not mature enough to understand the circumstance for physical punishment. Therefore, I agree that by not giving children the correct discipline, parent will cause more negative effects for the children in the future. Even though many of the parents claimed that reasonable and responsible disciplines can be recognized as a good way to take care of a child.
Many families choose physical punishment when children are misbehaving, but physical punishment can cause children to lose their trust in parents because children feel betrayed by the parent. Children are not mature enough to understand the reason for physical punishment. The only message that they receive from spanking is: the closest people to them are punishing them and it hurts; this will produce psychological changes after the punishment. In the article; Barker wrote, “To have the person you are most dependent on turn against you is a psychological blow you don’...

... middle of paper ... really is. In the story “Spanking on Trial”, Barker states out that physical punishment will make children lose trust on parents and might cause family violence after the children is growing up. Mr. Justice Menzies argues Barker’s point by saying that if parents are using reasonable and responsible discipline. It doesn’t matter what kind of discipline they use, as long as the parent needs to carry a positive intent for children. However, in my opinion, I think that a “family” should be a warm, kind, and it should be the only safe place for child. If the home becomes a place where children get hurt and punished, then children will revenge on their next generations because they want people to be like them too. Therefore, I strongly agree that not using punishment is the best way to discipline children when they are misbehaving.

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