Stop Motion Animation: Different Types Of Stop Motion Animations

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Have you ever heard of animation? Many shows such as The Looney Toons are animated. An animation is lots of photos taken by moving something once a tiny bit for each picture. When putting these together, these photos create an illusion of movement. Animators are people who make animations. These animators and their crew hire people to play the voices of their character. Each picture in an animated film or skit is called a frame. Different frame speeds can make animations look different. One of the most common animations is Stop Motion Animation.

Stop Motion Animation is animation done by hand by moving a physical object once with each frame. There are many different types of Stop Motion Animation. The film The Lego Movie was a Stop Motion Movie. Depending on how many frames there are in animated films it might take a longer time or shorter time to make. Since The Lego Movie was about one hour and a half long it took a very long time to make. With the object that animators use they move it a very tiny bit, mostly less than a centimeter! Common objects used to animate are Legos and Clay. Lego Stop Motion Animation is
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These animations are very common in Disney movies such as Finding Nemo. Animators go onto software such as Adobe programs. First, before they go onto online software they sketch out their characters. Once they do this they draw them the exact same way on the computer. After this, they take their final version of the characters and move them a tiny bit. Put together this looks like it’s moving. Movies that aren’t animated might add characters that are not real such as aliens. These characters are added into movies with CGI animation. Sometimes in movies people where certain suits with green dots on them. This helps the animator pinpoint where the animated character is going. Most movies make CGI or computer animations although some animators make Claymations for
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