Stop-Loss Policy

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Stop-Loss Policy

War has been around since the beginning of time. People have been asked to defend for their country and to die for their cause. But is the war that America is currently involved in, one of the times where people should be forced to die and stay overseas. The men and women who volunteered to fight for the country they love, are not being forced to stay longer then the original time they were supposed to stay, all thanks to President Bush’s “stop-loss policy” otherwise known as the “back-door draft.”

The “stop-loss program” was introduced in order to counter act the number of men and women’s lives lost in the war and the number of people who have not been signing up to join. There are few arguments that are pro the “back-door draft” yet there are many more arguments that are against the policy. This paper will explain why the reasons why the policy is something that will just destroy America, such as people being forced to say in war, their families being affected, the volunteer military becoming a non volunteer, and even what it has done to some of the soldiers.

President Bush put the “stop-loss policy” into effect giving the military the power to keep military personnel for up to twenty-four months longer, in a combat zone or in a high-risk area. If a soldier’s military group is being shipped over to fight the War in Iraq, then the soldier would have to go with them as well. It does not matter if the soldier only has a month left, it would not matter and he would still have to go with him.

According to what is written in the policy, “The policy is designed to assist in meeting manpower requirements for future operations, and will, therefore, evolve to remain relevant to future operations, and will, therefore, evolve to remain relevant to future developments in mission requirements and our involvement in current operations.” (Maradmin)

Since the beginning of American there has been a draft for people to join the military. During the Vietnam War (1973) the draft finally became something of the past that is until now. The draft has just changed a little to fit with the changing of times. Instead of civilians being forced to go and fight for their country, the soldier’s who have already given up so much for their country are being forced to stay. How can America claim to have a fully volunteer military when ...

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...e vent of war, my enlistment in the armed forces continues six months after the was ends unless it is discontinued by the president.” (Wagner)

Even though the soldiers are told these things, is it still ok for the government to be asking this of them? Yes they have previous knowledge, but something like this should not happen. The government needs to realize that they need to not start these things, if they are not going to have enough military to support all of it.

In conclusion, the men in women who are protecting the lives of all the citizens in the united states, are being forced to stay in Iraq or Afghanistan, well beyond their discharged dates, for the government who was not very well planned out. The soldiers however have been fighting back, and not just listening to what the government tells them. Although some people think that since soldiers sign up, and have previous knowledge of the issue, that it would be fine, but that is far from the truth. Each member of the military is a person, and deserves the same rights as everyone else. The government has taken the all-volunteer army, and has turned it into a different kind of draft army, a “back-door draft”.
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