Stonewall Jackson Research Paper

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The best day he had was also his last. On May 2, 1863, at Chancellorsville, T.J.
“Stonewall” Jackson was accidentally shot by one of his own men. However, that was not his last day; Jackson died eight days later due to pneumonia. Stonewall was a better leader than General Robert E. Lee was to the South. General Stonewall Jackson is one of the most famous confederate generals after Lee because of his skilled tactics. The Mexican-American War was the first U.S. Artillery Stonewall Jackson joined as a second lieutenant. Jackson proved his bravery and ability to recover quickly on the field while serving under General Winfield Scott. Stonewall also served in the Siege of Veracruz, and the Battles of Contreas, Chapultepec and Mexico City. He was promoted to the rank of brevet major and was considered a war hero in 1846
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Jackson and his 17,000 men marched 646 miles in 48 days and won many battles. Jackson had a defeat at the First Battle of Kernstown (March 23, 1862), but it proved to be a strategic Confederate victory because President Abraham Lincoln reinforced his Valley forces with troops that had originally been designated for the Peninsula Campaign against Richmond. 2
Jackson’s masterpiece came at Chancellorsville, where defying every rule and principle of military science and history, he led an outnumbered army to victory in a flank march that ranks with Frederick the Great’s manoeuvre at leuthen as one of the greatest actions martial records.
His very successful military maneuver, in Spring of 1862, led up to the Seven Days Battle around Richmond, where Jackson’s performance gained momentum by the second. At Second Manassas he made a few showings and more in Sharpsburg at the Battle of Antietam. Because of this, the Army of Northern Virginia was reorganized and Jackson was designated lieutenant
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