Stone: A Rhetorical Analysis Of Stone

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254 words

Contrary to logos, Stones strongest quality is her vivid use of pathos so Copeland contrasts substantially to the emotion Stone uses. Throughout Stones last paragraph she really hooks you in with her excellent word choice. Stone says it’s unnatural for a twenty-one-year-old to die and how Stone wants to know her better. You can see that the relationship that Stone and Casey has is awe-inspiring and one to envy. (539) Unlike Stone, Copeland poorly utilizes pathos in her last paragraph by using a quote about how to use Facebook to find fat exes. (543) This utilizes pathos, but not in the way the author intended. This quote ruins the article’s conclusion because she’s being sincere throughout the entire article by using facts and cited information

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how stone's vivid use of pathos contrasts to the emotion stone uses. copeland uses a quote about how to use facebook to find fat exes that ruins the article’s conclusion.
  • Analyzes how stone uses emotion and feelings in her essay, while copeland uses sources and facts to back up her ideas, using ethos and logos.
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