Stock Market Advantages And Disadvantages

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Can the stock Market a place of opportunity to gain easy wealth? Investing in stocks, is it financially worth it? You often hear the news how stock went up a couple of point and down the next. Sometimes wondering if I would have purchased some shares then would it had been a good financial investment. Investing in stock can be financially worth purchasing but can also come back and hurt you financially. There are many ways for fast easy making money but it can also be a financial burden in your wallet. Let me help you understand the basic concepts of dealing with stocks along with financial advantages and disadvantages. I can also help you have a basic understanding of how to pick the right ones for you financial advantage.…show more content…
Stock prices usually go up and down, and aren’t even guaranteed. If you invest in stocks, you are taking the risk of losing your money. Any investor could lose all or part of his money. Every day thousands of people all over the world are aggressively running around in one of the cramped up exchanges, trading stocks for money. Literally billions of dollars in stocks go up and down like a roller coaster. Being a broker or doing your own self-trading takes a lot of education and experience. To gain a significant understanding of how the market works one must work extremely hard. About ten percent of people involved in the stock market know the market well enough to “day trade”. It is the most risky type of trading a broker can do. A “day trader” can loose a million or gain a million in one day. Day trading is uncertain and should not be taken lightly. Along with the big money involved in the stock market comes one of the most stressful jobs established by man. Obviously with putting a lot of money into stocks and not knowing for sure whether you’re going to financially gain or loose is something to stress over. Literally you have to trade within minutes or seconds, to get the payoff you are after, timing is critical. As well, being a Stockbroker is stressful in itself, trading someone else’s money in order to collect commission is nerve racking. It is an interesting job. It fluctuates like the market itself. There have been many cases of “day traders” who have gained or lost a significant amount of their assets in a day. Few people could look at this, and see it in a positive way, because there is a chance you can gain. The truth of the matter is, even if there is a slight chance you could loose your money it should not be attempted. Unless you have a strong financial base. I was recently informed by a friend that 90 percent of people who “day trade” will come out with a significant loss. Further more “day trading” is a form of gambling.
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