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Around the world in Christian and secular circles we hear the word stewardship. Not only is stewardship one of the basic issues discussed in scripture, but it’s also something we neglect as something we need to concentrate on while going through our own Christian walk. We live in a society that is very individualistic, concentrating on whatever will bring pleasure and make us feel good. Stewardship definitely doesn’t fit into the way society is today. Before going to far into this, what exactly is stewardship? Stewardship is taking care of or managing every God-given resource with an attitude of responsibility directing such resources for his intended purposes. To truly understand stewardship, we need to first look at what God says in his inherent word about this issue. The stewardship principle is a three-part practice.
To break this process down, one can see the simplicity and complexity of this process and how it fits into God’s perfect plan. First, we were all created in God’s image. Being image bearers of Christ gives us great responsibility to those who know and love Christ because everyday we are representing the King of Kings wherever we go. The second principle of stewardship is the redemption principle. Since Christ died for us on the cross, he set us free from the bondage of sin. Even though we are fallen people and sin daily, Christ has already paid the price in full, and has forgiven us of those sins in advance. The last part of th...
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