Steve Jobs: The Difference Between Leadership And Managers

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As we all know, there are many differences between the roles of a manager compared to a leader. The difference between a leader and manager is this, managers find ways to do things right; and leaders believe in doing the right thing. Meaning in a managers eye’s how can we fix it, and a leader thoughts is how can we improve. Let’s begin with what the roles of a manager consist of, managers are responsible for overseeing the production one the employees to which work for them. Managers bring together a team by communicating through training, one on one mentoring, ideas, direction, and encouragement. Another, thing they do is maintain the performance levels, by pushing the team to complete tasks or assignments on time, while continuing to be…show more content…
He did whatever he could to find solution to any problem that arose, and continued to work to gain the results he is seeking through his decisions; in order to remain successful. But in his absence, his fellow employees seen an opportunity to make the decisions on their own, but upon his return all their work and decisions where then subjects of Jobs intense scrutiny. Jobs was a very creative man, and was innovative in changing the future through technology. Additionally, Steve was known for how he handle situations, whatever he decided as his final say, he backed it up with solid business principles. Another, thing about Steve is he was very open-minded, and known to be very vocal at times; as he spoke his mind. While Steve really didn’t want to have to hand over the business to someone else, he had no choice when he fell severely ill; and underwent surgery. However, he made it very clear it had to be someone that would run his business as if he were still there. The person that received that honor was Tim Cook, and while he was in charge during Steve absence the business was very profitable. Tim Cook is much like Steve in terms of leadership, he expects people to adhere to his decisions; and expects them to get the job done. If he ask you a question you best have an answer, and if it’s correct then he’ll keep asking more and more. According, to many people they
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