Steve Jobs ' Qualities Of Leadership

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STEVE JOBS’ QUALITIES OF LEADERSHIP Drive Steve Jobs’ key qualities of leadership would have been his drive to achieve high quality. Steve Jobs’ energy was extremely high which gave him the ability to be persistent. Steve Jobs’ was not the typical born leader type. This is something that he developed along the way. By having the drive Steve Jobs’ encourage others to have the same drive. Desire to lead. Although, Steve Jobs’ did not had a strong desire to lead others. Steve Jobs’ did have a strong desire to change the world. Steve Jobs’ was the first in line to take on the responsibility of a project or new development. Steve Jobs’ was the one that wanted and needed to be in control of everything in his life. Honesty and integrity Steve Jobs’ build trust with others by always being up front and to the point. According the Isaacson (2011) Steve Job’s said “deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do,” “That’s true for companies, and it’s true for products.” Steve Jobs’ had a way with people believing in what he had to say. Steve Job’s built trust by coming through with the project or product, he said he would deliver. Self-confidence Steve Jobs’ was confident that if he put his mind to it, it would get done. Steve Jobs’ know that he had the ability to do whatever you set this mind to do. Although, Steve Jobs’ had the confidence he also had an awareness that sometimes you must as you said in (Isaacson, 2011) “hit the pause button” and go back to the drawing board because he felt it was not perfect. This is what gave him the ability to have others follow him in the production of each project. They know that if it was not right the first time Steve Jobs’ was going to take it back to the drawing board and... ... middle of paper ... ...her members of the team before that project moving on to the next step. The decision making was made by the team. However, everything was run through Steve before the final decision was made. Steve Jobs’ was one to communicate in a meeting like setting. With Steve being at the whiteboard running ideas through a team effort style. Although, Steve Jobs’ was not opposed to a one on one meeting. When part of a project needed he would go to that team member and let them know that they need to fix a part or make it perform better. Steve Jobs’ personality was overbearing at times. But, Steve Jobs’ attitude was all about getting the job done and if need be doing it again until he felt it was the best. With his kind of personality and attitude, Steve Jobs drove Apple to not only be the best in the cell phone industry but to also be the best in many other industries as well.
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