Steve Jobs And The Creative Minds

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1. Steve Jobs was the CEO, co-founder, and chairman of Apple Inc. He also created NeXT Inc. and was one of the founders of Pixar, which was bought by Disney. He was on the board of directors of Disney even though Disney bought his animation company Pixar. Steve Jobs was and will always be one of the most visionary and creative minds this technological world has known over the years. Though he passed away in 2011, he is missed by many. 2. Key experiences Steve went through that indicated his development as a person were when he was fired by his own company, which caused Steve to make another computer of his under his newly created company NeXT. As a result of this, Apple found interest in Steve’s NeXTSTEP OS and Apple bought NeXT and allowed Steve to come back to Apple again. 3. Love was the main emotion that contributed to this presentation, because Steve loved his job and loved to do what he did every day. Steve showed courage in his presentation by saying that “Death is the single best invention of life”. This shows that Steve was not afraid to die because he lived his life doing...

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