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Steve Jobs was a man who changed the world. He made the impossible, possible. As a child Steve loved electronics. He liked taking them apart and using them. But he also liked to cause trouble, Steve Jobs liked to pull pranks on other people. He once let snakes loose in his homeroom in school. Another time Steve put explosives in the teachers desk.
Jobs was Born in February 24th 1955 and born at San Francisco, California and his parents were named Clara and Paul Jobs.
Jobs was a smart kid, and in fourth grade he was Academically gifted. Jobs was functioning on a high school level. His teacher suggested that he skip 5th grade through 8th grade and go right to high school. However, Steve’s parents did not like that idea. They said he was still a kid and he was too young to go to high school, but they did allow him to skip fifth grade. This means that Jobs started middle school a year early. The middle school he went to was not very friendly. Police were often called in to break up fights, and to make matters worse Steve became the target of bullies. Jobs did not like the school and he threatened to drop out of school if he had to go back there. So his parents moved to Los Altos just so he could get away from bullying.
In 1968 when Jobs was a freshman in High School, he met another Steve. His name was Steve Wozniak. The two became friends quickly and "Woz" was interested in electronics too. In 1972 Jobs graduated from high school and went to Reed College. But after 1 Semester, Steve dropped out of college. But unlike other college dropouts, he did not stop going to campus or stop attending classes, he just stopped paying tuition and dorm fees. After he dropped out he started to work for Atari, a gaming company. His job was to ...

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...o anything except make calls and texts and they were really slow. Then, taking the “Think Different” slogan to heart, Jobs created the iPhone. It was a simple to use, handheld phone. and it could access the internet, play music and you can even check your email on the iPhone. Nobody had ever thought about putting OS X inside a phone! The iPhone was a huge success.
Although Jobs was deeply involved with Apple, he had not forgotten about Pixar. By 2001, Pixar had earned 2.5 billion, making one of the most successful movie studios of all time.
Jobs was a man who changed the world. He created better phones, computers and, better music devices. Steve Jobs did what many thought was impossible. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died because of pancreatic cancer. Jobs was a man who made the impossible, possible and he changed the Music, Computer and, Phone industry forever.

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