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Why do we have sterotypes? There is a lot of propaganda which tells children to be their own person, so why do we put poeple down when they do something the society does not accept? Why do we laugh or alienate those who look or act differently? One of the very big sterotypes are the gender roles. The ones that say women need to be at home and cannot like or do the same things men do. Another big sterotype I will address is women need to look beautiful. They need to have make-up on and show off their bodies. According to many popular magazines women need to be a certain size or they are "overweight" which apparently makes them unattractive. `Also which is better, body or brain? According to society, the body is far more important. Why be smart of you can have size DD breasts or giant muscles? One of the last sterotypes I will be addressing is the idea that all men have to be 100% masculient. Most of these sterotypes are put in a joking matters now, but they still harm the victim's self-esteem.

What does it mean to be a woman? Ever since women recieved their rights in the 1920s we have slowly moved towards fully accepting that women do deserve and have the same rights as men. So why do we still put some women down? Some men still believe and act as though women are toys and are just tools. I have seen and experenced this first hand. Not only is this degrading, but it is very offensive to all of the women that worked hard for their rights. Most teenagers make jokes about it like:
"Go make me a sandwitch."
" B*****s belong in the kitchen."
"Why does Beyonce sing to the left? Because women have no rights!"
Those jokes can be extremly offensive, so why do we laugh them off when they are making fun of our rights? Most people don't l...

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...make-up or lowering their shirts instead of working on their school work. Its sad and degrading to women everywhere. Men do it too, they text and take selfies (pictures of themmselves) then post them to the internet to fuel their ego with how many "likes" they get. Most adolescents find this more important then building their future. Social media has created a new way of thinking. It has almost brainwashed people into using their website to share all of the stupid quirks in life. When people "like" these photos of themselves they are putting their looks above their schoolwork. In almost every class I hav observed people doing this and being encourged by their peers. They are wasting what has been given to them, an education. Many people have to fight for an education, so why do some of the most careless people get this opportunity?

*according to Size USA in 2004
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