Steroids In Sports Essay

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Being an athlete is not an easy task especially when you’re constantly competing, throughout more than half of the year in your desired sport. To be the best, you must train excessively, be mentally stable, and take care of your body which is the most crucial of all. Athlete’s bodies are precious to them and so they must give it the utmost care in order for their body to function right. However, for a professional athlete, the use of drugs may be the only way possible to enhance their body and make sure that they stay on the top of their game no matter what the cost is. Psychological and physiological factors alos come into play when abusing drugs. Athletes are often caught relying on the drug to help them get through their athletic careers, which in time will cause addiction. Many athletes are subject to this and their drug abuse often catches up to them with the law also being involved.
Performance-enhancing drugs are substances that are used by an individual to help them perform better athletically. In many sports, steroids is the most popular and easiest of drugs in the market. In medical terminology steroids are often referred to as an anabolic steroids. An anabolic steroid is a compound that is composed of a group of synthetic hormones which is derived from male testosterone. It enhances the capabilities of a person’s body with physiological effects such as increased muscle mass, protein synthesis, strength, appetite, and bone growth. The drug works in very amazing ways according to many athletes due to its quick results and endless amounts of combinations you can use with in. Some athletes even report that they acquired results in less than a week. While steroids may be able to physically alter your body with ease, it can ...

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...verything they are putting at risk, all with shot of a small needle. Athlete’s lives can quickly change after taking the drug. They may live in glory for a while after the results start to show, but soon afterwards it can draw attention. Anabolic steroids have ruined lives, destroyed families, and even shortened the life span of young teenagers. Is one hit of a drug so precious that it can cost you everything? Athletes are much more focused on their pride than their own life. The money, fame, and power are enough to make an individual change, and all of this is due to the use of an illegal drug. We, as humans, are smarter than what we apply ourselves to be, and as a professional athlete, a person should know the dangers of drug use. However, athletes don’t want to be known as average, or even as the best. In most cases, they simply want to be better than good enough.
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