Steroids In Sports Essay

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Johnny DiLeva Sports, they are the backbone of not just entertainment in the USA, but also nationally. People view athletes as heroes and role models. There is one thing most people like about sports, which is a fair game and the authenticity of a true athlete. But, there’s one thing that can destroy those two things, and that is steroids. Not only do they tamper with the nature of the game, they are also very unhealthy for the athlete using the drug. Steroids have never been legal in sports and should never be legal. Athletes should not be able to use steroids in sports because it’s cheating and unhealthy. There are many reasons why steroids should not be allowed in pro sports. Using steroids causes a very unfair advantage. The unfair advantage it causes makes sports pointless. Not just pointless, but more boring to watch. One of the more obvious reasons steroids should be kept away from athletes. It’s very unhealthy for the doper (or in other words the user of the drug). Before I begin the many reasons we should not legalize steroids in sports, I will look back a...
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