Steroids In Sports Essay

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Steroid use can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece when they had the original Olympic Games. Some of the athletes were known to ingest animal testicles before their competition, and the testicles had in them what is known as testosterone which is the foundation of all anabolic steroids. I doubt the athletes knew what they were putting into them, but they were on the right track. Who knows who ever thought of the idea to eat animal testicles, but if there is ever an advantage to be had, people will always find a way to have it. So if we really look deep into steroids in sports, it’s been going on for thousands of years and is still big today. The next breakthrough in steroids didn’t come until 1848 when a German man, Arnold Adolph, who removes testes from a bird. What he concluded was that after removing the testes, the bird lost all of its male characteristics common to the species of that bird. This experiment led to a better understanding of the importance of male testicles. His experiment did not really shed light for what was to come of steroids, but it was the first step towards understanding. The next breakthrough in steroids came in 1931 when a German chemist, Adolf Butenandt, found a way to pin point the hormone androstenone, which is another steroid but is found in sweat and urine. Over the next few years’ anabolic steroids really evolved. Many Other breakthroughs in anabolic steroids came between then and now which help us understand them better and many other things. While understanding steroids might sound all good and dandy, at the same time they were being used in bad ways. After word got out about the effects of steroids, athletes everywhere started to use them. By 1967, anabolic steroids were already ... ... middle of paper ... ... Major League Baseball. (Steroids in Professional Sports, Working Group 11) This quote specifically shows how sports how sports can be terribly affected by steroids. Baseball was just one of the biggest sports to get hit by steroids. Other sports like football, soccer, and mixed martial arts have all encountered problems with steroids. Baseball is just the biggest sport to be picked on because the MLB has more rules on steroids and cracks down harder on players who use them. The NFL (National Football League) also has had issues with anabolic steroids. “In American football, the issue is not as much shattering records but surviving. The human body is not designed to be 300 pounds, seven feet and agile as a cat. The sheer magnitude of abuse and pain football players put their bodies through is unfathomable” (Steroids in Professional Sports, Working Group 11).
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