Steroids In Baseball

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Parker Robinson Dr. Paul E. Danielson English III period 1 11 April 2014 Steroids in Sports The topic of steroids in baseball has been a lingering issue in baseball. It has led to athletes becoming bigger, faster, and stronger which has negatively affected the game of baseball. Athletes have attempted to cheat the game. Steroids are a cancer to the sport and should be banned. In sports today, athletes will do anything to get bigger, faster, and stronger without worrying about the risks they may face in the future. “Some of them become impatient with training sessions or aren’t satisfied with the results” (Porterfield P.4). “When scientists discovered that anabolic steroids helped increase the growth skeletal muscle, weight lifters and body builders added the drug to their training, unaware of the long term side effects” (Lau P.12). These impatient athletes are ruining sports and creating an unfair advantage to the athletes who stay true to the game. It seems as if the old school way of training, staying in the weight room and eating right, is almost unheard of because it takes too long to show the wanted results. The leagues have done almost all they can by setting suspensions, and banning the drug, but athletes still find it necessary to keep steroids around and continue to use the illegal substance. The officials have done almost all they can to stop this from happening in professional sports. It is now up to the players to show good character and do the right thing. The types of steroids typically used in sports are HGH (Human Growth Hormone) or anabolic steroids. As said by Timothy Noakes “By increasing muscle size, these drugs increase strength, power, and sprinting speed” (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids). Instead of gett... ... middle of paper ... ...ay use have also been banned. “Every major sport has banned any drug that is illegal in the United States” (Substances that are Banned). Either way the leagues should enforce a stricter punishment for possession of steroids which may include jail time. Steroids are a cancer to the game and should be banned. The drug is effecting the players in the past, present, and the future. Athletes who are guilty need to own up and realize how severely they are impacting the game and that they are not the only ones being effected. If a record is broken by a player who is later guilty of steroid use, their record should be taken away and not count. It is unfair to the athletes who once competed as well as the ones that are competing with these cheaters. A stricter punishment must be put into play for this form of cheating to try and resolve the issue once and for all.
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