Steroids Hurting the Body

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Steroids have been around for a long time and have affected many athletes and other people. Many people think that steroids improve athleticism, but all it does is mass produce the testosterone in the body (Steroid Use among High School Athletes). Steroids were introduced to the world in the 1980’s at the Olympics. There is not just one specific type of steroid, there are many different types. Every type of steroid affects different parts of the body. Steroids are used for many different reasons; some are to get better in sports, to be better than your competitor, or to just be strong. Athletics is the main place where steroid usage is noticed. Many athletes take it, hoping it makes them better than everyone else, or people take it to satisfy their selves. Many people think steroids are good for them, but in fact steroids tear apart the body. For many years steroids have been known as a substance to help bodies get bigger. Steroids were brought to America in the late 1950’s when Russia was dominating in weight lifting competitions, and one night the Russian coach got drunk and told the American coach how to make it. The American coach came back and found a way to make it more powerful. In 1988 at the Summer Olympics is when steroids became recognized by the sports world when Ben Johnson, an Olympic runner was tested a few days after winning the gold he tested positive for steroids (Monroe). Steroids were invented to help the muscles in the body grow at a faster rate. Many people back then did not think about the side effects of steroids people would take them without giving it a second thought. It was not till later when people started figuring out that steroids were hurting your body in the long run. Now everyone knows the conse... ... middle of paper ... ...arships, and not be able to continue their sports career. Many people think that steroids are the best thing ever when in fact they tear the human body apart and ruin some lives. Before taking steroids people should think long and hard about the side effects and consequences. Steroid hurt the body and it also hurts people economically. Works Cited “Anabolic Steroids.” 6 September 2013. Web. 25 April 2014. “Steroid use among High School Athletes.” Global Sports Development. 12 November 2013. Web.25 April 2014. “Winning at Any Cost.” NY health. 8 October 2008. Web. 25 April 2014. Monroe, Judy. Steroids, Sports, and Body Image. Berkeley Heights; NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2004. Print.
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