Steriods in sports

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Steroids in Sports
In my opinion, the initial reason a person starts to play any sport is to either to have fun or mainly to emulate their favorite sports figures. So many kids want to swing a bat like Barry Bonds, or rush the football like Jamal Lewis, or play soccer like Pelle’. When I was younger, I wanted to tackle like Lawrence Taylor. Since these children like to do what they see their role models do, what happens if they find out that their favorite person boosts his skills by using illegal substances? Since there are a lot of impressionable minds out there, some of those little fans may be swayed to do the same when they get the chance to. Steroids are addictive, just like marijuana or other illegal substances, and there are some well known athletes abusing them to get a quick “power up” instead of actually working hard to achieve muscle tone, or that extra intensity; that extra strength that they think they need. Steroids are seemingly displacing hard work in today’s sports world.

I asked coach Wilson, my hometown football coach, about his opinion on steroids. “I’ve caught some boys taking steroids personally, and I think the main reason that it’s taken is competition. They usually do not know how to lose, and they will do almost anything to win.” When I asked him what could be done to improve on this problem, “ Well the only thing that I can think of to sort of contain this problem is random testing for athletes.”
“There is now a cream out that players do not have to inject into their blood stream, they just have to rub it on their skin, and it won’t show up in a blood test.” He went on to state that “In Highschool it’s pretty easy to point out most of the kids using.” “You can mainly tell by their attitude, and their size for a highschool student.” Also, he stated that “steroids don’t really make you better, I mean they don’t really increase your speed or agility, they just increase your intensity level, and make you bigger as far as muscles go, but it’s not worth it when you think about the risk those people take with their bodies.” Former baseball all-star, Jose Canseco had a book published, call “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big.” This book pointed the finger at several players accusing them of steroid abuse. Miguel Tejada was among the p...

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...kle, that maybe we would have won a game or two, but never did I think about using steroids for the “extra edge” that I thought I needed. I just used other methods of cheating, like tripping players, or holding players, or when there was a fumble, I would get under the pile and kick, and punch, and twist limbs. I cheated legally and we still did not win many games. I can not say that none of my teammates thought about using, but I do not think so, and from a personal locker room relationship with them, I do not think any of them used steroids while I was on the team. We lost our games honestly, “well sort of.”

Steroids are “eating up” the sports world as we know it. Whether it is giving players who are already good, unfair advantages, or killing and or crippling steroid abusers for life. All major sports, from baseball to track and field are cracking down on the usage of steroids. There is not yet a way to completely stop it, but random testing, and psychological profiles can help contain the problem. Also the media should use discretion when reporting these problems on the news or in the newspapers, as they would when talking about other substances.
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