Stereotypes in Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’ Connor

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Stereotype has always been a major situation among racial society, since the 1960’s all the way till today. Stereotype has been used as a separation among other racial ethnicities. Racial stereotyping has actually made humans believe how other’s actions are really supposed to be, and how they should be treated. However, some people from the racial stereotyping societies had disapproved this discrimination and had fought for their rights; because they believed that all humans are equal and must converge together as a unity of equality. Every person has his or her own different mind perspective on stereotyping; that can lead him or her to major consequences or moral lessons. Stereotyping has blinded many people from facing reality and realizing that we are all-equal, and have fought for that equality right. But there are some who won’t accept that change and want to keep things the way they used to be, until they finally realize it with a consequence. Author Flannery O’ Connor for Everything that Rises Must Converge, opens our minds and explains to us how in the 1960’s racial stereotyping was used for superiority and individualism. In addition, she also gives a brief explanation how a group of different races minds work when they are among each other, like for instance in a bus. In Flannery O’ Connor’s story, each character’s actions and thoughts symbolizes a sort of stereotype, that leads to accepting reality about racial equality, moral lesson, and defending oneself for respect and their individual rights. To begin with, In Everything that Rises Must Converge, Julian represents a role of how society has raised and converged; by facing reality and realizing how everyone is equal through the moral lesson that he gets from his... ... middle of paper ... ...ds society, it just depends how the person takes that insult. People will have the tendency to lack the knowledge of stereotyping, until they receive a consequence or a moral lesson. Depending on the class structure in people’s societies, stereotyping will be a problem to some people until they face reality about racial equality, also how everyone is human and equal. There are some societies that will accept reality and do something to change that discrimination on racial equality. Flannery O’Connor’s story opened our minds to understand that 1960’s, racial stereotyping was used for safety and individualism. And still to this day, racial stereotyping is still used for that reason. With this story all three characters symbolized racial equality, and facing reality that we are all human; that there’s no difference among all of us and that we must accept each other.