Stereotypes: Smart Or Smart Or Just Asian?

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Smart or Just Asian? Assumptions. Guesses. Stereotypes. These are all ways people look at other people, but they never take into account how those thoughts may be perceived. It may be a compliment, but is it rightfully deserved? It is understandable to think that since what is assumed would be considered a compliment that they would be flattered to know someone thinks well of them. People who believe that need to realize that even positive stereotypes have the ability to hurt people. This is what happens to Asians when people conclude that they are smart. Many simply think it would be great to be thought of as smart, but what if that was the only thing people thought? Asians tend to be unfairly judged, disconnected from other races, and under…show more content…
Dr. John Jerrim, a reader in education and social statistics at the Institute of Education at the University of London believes that, “in Asia, at least, students are set up for success: through an emphasis on hard work, the desire to succeed, a conductive environment and a teaching style that, despite criticism, delivers results.” In an attempt to get the students the best schooling they possibly can, Asian administrators instill in them that working hard is an important quality and something to use as students progress to the work force. Obviously, Asians feel the necessity of schooling and take to heart the seriousness of great education (Rohaidi). As a result of their great appreciation for schooling, people believe that Asians are smart and never consider that there could be more to them than meets the eye. Never realizing that there could be more to a person than the information in their head. Asians are clumped together as if they are a sheet of paper with only two sides. One side holds their Asian roots and the other shows their knowledge. To go along with that, it is a commonly held belief that Asians are only smart because they are Asian. Many people never link it to their hard work and dedication (Markman). Asians are an important part of our society and should be acknowledged for their intelligence, but also for their great addition to…show more content…
There was an experiment where two pairs of an Asian and a White student worked together on two different packets focusing on math and language. In the controlled experiment, the White student handed the math packet to the Asian and calmly asked if they wanted to do that packet. In the stereotypical experiment, the White student told the Asian to do the math packet because, “all Asians are good at math.” After the experiment ended, the Asian students were asked to rate how they felt about their partner. The student involved in the stereotypical experiment showed a disliking towards their partner as a result of their assumptions. Subsequently, Asians are trying to connect with other cultures and societies by learning American culture and are making an effort. They are trying to get over the differences and find a median between the differing parts of the culture. This shows that they are not only highly intelligent, but also want to engage in social activities and other pursuits. (“Asia focus”). While trying to prove their lives have more to it than just intelligence, Asians are being put down by this seemingly positive stereotype. Positive stereotypes judge others for who they are and Asians feel that it is more than racist. It is not only judging their character, but who they truly are, which Asians find highly offensive. It surpasses categorizing by race and

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