Stereotypes Of The Mexican Race In Los Vendidos By Luis Valdez

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The Play “Los Vendidos” by Luis Valdez has a lot of stereotypes and racism, the racial majority is the Mexican race and they are seen differently from other races and ethnicities. “Los Vendidos” has a connection to Valdez’s childhood and to all the Mexican immigrant families in the United States. Mexicans are not just seen as hard working people but criminals and slaves. What is Valdez trying to persuade about the Mexican race? Valdez is trying to persuade that the racism towards mexicans should end, because we as human beings are equal. Being the second child out of ten other siblings, Luis was born 1940 in California his parents were immigrant farm workers that worked in crop fields in order to provide for their ten children.“Our farm worker…show more content…
Ms. JIM-enez as she likes to call herself is a Mexican-American that works for an old dead president Ronald Reagan in his presidential campaign, and she is trying to buy Mexican that would help President Reagan to win the minority votes.“My name is Miss JIM-enez. Don’t you speak english? What’s wrong with you?” (pg.242); Ms. JIM-enez does not like to be called Ms. Jimenez it seems that she hates her last name, I believe she does not like her Mexican side but she loves her white side. The racism against Mexicans has gotten stronger over the past year’s, not even Mexicans who are born on United States soil like their ethical…show more content…
“Models” after each name of the Mexicans shows the different characteristic and how they are viewed in the world. The whole play has a ton of stereotypes of Mexicans that seem racist to some people. For example; “Senorita, you are looking at the volkswagen of Mexican.” (pg.243) “One plate of beans and tortillas will keep him going all day. That, and chile.” (pg.243) “Built for speed, low-riding, city life.” (pg.244) and etc. Some of these stereotypes are some what real are really racist, Mexicans love their corn or flour tortillas with some chile all day. A lot of people say that mexicans do squeeze into tight spaces especially when crossing the border. The low-riding and city life is another stereotype for a cholo that lives in Los Angeles, California with baggy clothes with their whole body tattooed, and they call their close friends “homie” or “ese”. In word “models” after

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