Stereotypes Of Police Officers

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Rough Draft What do people see in a police officer? When a police officer walks into a public area he or she is judged immediately due to recent news and stereotypes. The stereotypical officer with his or her gun strapped to their pants and sunglasses on their head stand out to the average eye. Society deems these individuals as too powerful and potentially harmful to the public for many reasons. Young people mainly think that most cops are unjust and abuse their power, sadly this is not the case. The wrongful stereotyping of police being intimidating is enhanced by the media and causes people to change their views on law enforcement. The stereotype of cops acting in a wrong manner is greatly expressed through the media and causes people…show more content…
Despite the stereotype, police officers are people first and cops second. They generally act the way they are supposed to in their work environment. In Aiken I have the pleasure of knowing many cops. Personally I have seen nothing but good things come from them. Many in the Aiken area spend their extra time helping with youth sports. A retired police chief, in fact, helped coach a travel baseball team in Aiken recently. Aiken is definitely not the only place that generally has good cops. For instance, in Norfolk, Virginia officers make an effort to break stereotypes by being involved with the community. They play cards and other games with kids and many other things (Ciara). Cops throughout America are trying to break these stereotypes and show who they really are as a person to save lives and for the community to feel safe around law enforcement. Police officers act as individuals while off duty, but while on duty they react to certain situations in certain ways. Police officers react on duty the way they are trained. Law enforcement follows strict rules and regulations in general. They also follow rules on the way they react to certain situations. In most circumstances police officers react to situations and act in a better way than most average people. According to Police Chief Magazine: “Police officers are held to a higher standard of behavior by society, because they are stewards of the public (Gleason T).” Police officers in training are usually taught ethics to help them judge how to act on the job. This helps them not only solve problems right, but know consequences when they are done
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